Pansensic - Employee Experience


Pansensic measure, analyse and make sense of patient and staff feedback using their PanSensic software. We chose to work with Pansensic, not only because of their complimentary technology, but because their aims very much chime with ours. Pansensic’s purpose is helping companies and organisations connect to the collective mind of the organisation and its customers, gaining insight and realising the power of the knowledge that lies dormant, under-utilised, undervalued, by comprehending and using it.

Pansensic’s passion is unlocking the true, hidden potential of an organisation and its people both internally and externally, for the real potential of organisations is held within the minds of individuals who collectively are the company and its future.

Pansensic’s vision is to enable organisations to make effective change for the benefit of all stakeholders not just the few.