Andrew Hollowood

Andrew is a Consultant Surgeon more than 20 years’ experience working in the NHS. Andrew has significant experience in leadership roles within the NHS managing large organizational projects as well as leading a complex hospital division. Wanting to understand the link between staff frustration/wellbeing and patient outcomes the SPEaC Happy was developed. The application has been designed in combination with hospital staff to gauge mood, unlock frustrations, develop local leadership and provide a heat map for the hospital. Unlocking real-time staff frustration to improving care of patients is the driving force behind the ethos of FHintution.


Anne Frampton

Anne is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine with more than 20 years’ experience working in the NHS. During this time Anne has developed experience in managing and leading large organisational change projects through lead roles in audit, emergency care and transformation. Following the successful implementation of a number of projects related to patient flow she and co-founder of FH intuition Andrew Hollowood wanted to explore the potential of unlocking the wealth of information known to front line staff and making it available in real-time to managers and leaders within organisations to promote staff engagement and local leadership. This working knowledge of the NHS coupled with a passion to improve patient outcomes have been the driving force behind the development of the SPEaC-happy app and its immediate day to day relevance to the NHS and its workforce.





Chris Smith-Clarke

Chris is a Computer Scientist and Data Scientist. Chris has built the SPEaC Happy website and is continuously working on new features and upgrades to the system as we learn more about our users and their requirements.