Staff wellbeing

‘Children best from through smiling eyes of the teacher’ Bart Mcgetric

It is the aim of every educational establishment to deliver quality teaching and learning. Our best teachers have ‘have smiling eyes’ which communicate unconditional acceptance and commitment to each student. We know happy teachers are better teachers.

These are challenging times in education, with high levels of accountability during a period of unprecedented change. Teachers stress levels and the number who are leaving the profession is a cause for concern for leaders. 

The best schools, colleges and universities are now seriously attending to staff wellbeing to support effective teaching and address recruitment and retention challenges. The SPEaC Happy real time staff feedback and engagement tool makes an innovative and significant contribution to this work.


How it works

Your Staff Team

SPEaC Happy Education is designed to provide staff with a direct and anonymous link to the Senior Leadership team within your organisation. It encourages staff, at all levels, to celebrate what is great about their work and team, share problems and frustrations and suggest solutions. In return, Senior leadership can respond by affirming positive comments, provide an explanation or communicate an action. 

For example;

Staff Post

Please can we have some more microwaves or better microwaves in the staffroom. They are very slow to warm up food which means there is a huge queue or some people do not even get a chance to heat up their food. 

Headteacher response

Another good post as SLT rarely use the microwaves and certainly not during busy lunchtimes so without that feedback we would not have been aware of this issues. I will pass this onto our ABM for consideration. Thank you. 

(New microwaves were purchased)

Primary School Bristol June 2017 

It has been found to promote positive team working as it acts as a forum to celebrate the contribution of colleagues on an open and public platform. Senior leadership can comment on and affirm these posts.

Staff Post

Regardless of the Ofsted outcome, the teamwork has been awesome. We have achieved so much and we have smiled (or grimaced!) through it! We couldn't have tried harder. SLT, teachers, LSAs, learning support, SMSAs, office staff, volunteers, governors and anyone else I have missed off, well done. You need to add a "tired face" picture to select though! 

Headteacher response

Can't agree more - thank you for your lovely post! Tired face a good idea too. 

Primary School Bristol July 2017

CRJ4GK (1).jpg

Your Students

Pupils and students can use SPEaC Happy to give feedback directly to senior leaders, sharing concerns, suggestions ideas and even thanks! As well as adding significantly to the ‘intelligence’ of the organisation it provides a valuable additional layer of safeguarding; an instant, anonymous flag of concern. 

Your Parents

Parents and Carers can leave feedback through SpEAC Happy tablet terminals strategically placed around the school. This is simple way to give these key stakeholders a chance log concerns, raise issue or thank staff. 

Your Visitors

Have you ever wondered what impression your visitors have formed after spending time in your educational establishment? With a SPEaC Happy table terminal in your entrance foyer you can find out. An organisation hungry for feedback is demonstrating its commitment to continual improvement. 

Your Organisation

SPEaC Happy Education can be tailored to meet the needs and structure of your organisation. It can used for a single institution or across a group or federation of schools and colleges or throughout Multi Academy Trust. It offer the potential for senior and executive leaders, who are may not permanently based in one educational establishment, to keep a ‘finger on the pulse’ of staff morale, pupil and parental concerns and visitor feedback.  The dashboard provides a happiness heat map your organisation helping inform best practice sharing and resource allocation.


Supported By Health Education England 

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"The Judges were bowled over by this simple approach which demonstrably shifted behaviour and culture in clinical teams. The immediacy of feedback and action, coupled with clinical ownership, is very powerful."

University Hospitals Bristol Foundation Trust has won the Staff Engagement Award sponsored by Managers in partnership and Unison at the 2016 HSJ Awards.

- Judges from the 2016 HSJ For Healthcare Leaders.


"Clearly demonstrates an innovation designed to improve real time feedback from staff members and to allow managers to respond to this feedback."


- BMJ Quality Improvement Reports


"We saw an innovate method of engaging through the use of the 'Happy App' and proactive engagement with staff. We found because of this the culture of engagement had developed to be positive. Staff were proud to work at the hospital."


- QCareQuality Commission  



"Our evaluation work has shown that there have been real improvements in local engagements between managers and their teams. It has inspired improvements in service delivery."


- NHS National Institute for Health Research 


"Happy APP is also a fantastic real time way of capturing and responding to staff comments and support staff experience" 


- Visit to the Bristol Children's Hospital 2016 NHS Improvement.